Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beware of your local mall durning the "Holiday Shopping Season"

A few days ago, we took a mid-morning trip to our local mall (Buckland Hills). I'm not a big mall person, but because someone told me that the mall had Christmas decorations up, I wanted to check it out and perhaps try to get into the holiday spirit (yes, it's not even Thanksgiving yet!!!).

Well, I get to the point. The moment I walked through Barnes & Noble, and out to the main part of the mall, I was 'stalked' by a keen young sales kid hoping to make a big kill on me! He stared me down, and I was almost a big sucker that morning! He began to ask me questions about my nails, and within moments, was trying this stupid product on my hand. I couldn't believe it, and sometimes it's so difficult to pull yourself away from these trained sales kids, because I dont' want to make a scene or make the kid feel bad. Before I knew it, I was holding a $60 box of handcare and didn't even realize I was holding on to the darn box until I looked down at my hands! What a born sucker, but today, I thought to myself there is no way I'll fall for this trap. So, I instinctivly but down the box back onto his Kiosk. After about 15 mintues of this trained sales scout trying to make a big sale on me, I told him I'm going to walk and not going to purchase any of your products today.

Thankfully, I was able to pull myself away and NOT buy anything!!!! I usually never stop when someone 'howls out' at me but he had something in his hand, almost like a small dot of whipped cream, and thought it was a free food sample!!

So, please if  you dont' want to lose your money, stay away from these Kiosks, and when the time comes, that they start asking you questions as you walk by with your stroller, or loved one, don't feel bad about them, thank yourself for not falling prey to at least a $60 box of handcare of seasalt from the Dead Sea...

So much for trying to get into the jolly mood of the Christmas Season!! After this experience, I was sick of this sales kid, and left the mall. What a wastefull morning0------