Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Prytko Clan gets together...for My Birthday!!!

You have a wonderful and fun time with 5 nieces and my five month old daughter Helena! I was so happy and thrilled that we were able to go out as a big Prytko family on Sunday night at Georgina's. 
The pizza was great...but most of all, the surprise came when the waitress brought me a huge piece of chocolate glazed chocolate looked so good, I didnt even wanna eat it at first...As you see, my nieces were ready to chow in with their forks held tightly in their hands!! Yummy! Sto Lat!

Cats & Newspapers

What is it about cats and my newspaper? They always seem to gravitate towards paper, after I put it down for a minute.

Don't mind my dirty sheets, it's the cat that is taking over my bed, and now my newspaper!!! Shame on her!! At least she looks comfy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Errands....Where did the Prytko's Go Today???

Helena with Mommy at BJ's!!!

You found us again!!! Which grocery store do you think this is? Shop Rite ?  Highland Park Market? Price Chopper? Stop n Shop? Shaw's? Big Y?..............Come on keep on guessing???   Think harder!!!! Did you Chop your bill today? You guessed it, Price Chopppper!
Helena taking a break from her parents and trying to be sneaky!!!! and funny at the same time!!! We brought her to another Furniture Store, to check out their couches!!!

I got stung by Yellow Jackets today..Painfull!!!!

Dam!!! I was just grilling some burgers and while they were cooking, I decided to pick up a Hoe and was using it to rid of my weeds behind the grill. Little did I know that there was a yellow jackets nest in the ground!! I got stung 2 x 's at least.and as I write this, I'm leg is in throbbing pain now..with a bag of frozen vegetables on it , to keep the swelling down!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sooo craving PIZZA today!!!! I got my pizza @

Pictured is Rachel--
I was so into pizza today, that after my wife and I checked out the ad's for different restaurants, we decided to go with Bob & Marie's Pizza. They are located here in Manchester, Ct. 832 Main St. (just after St.James Church).
We ordered a large pizza with Onions & Sausage...Must be a Polish thing??? I love sausage! There pizza was very delicious..and I must add, that their onions were very sweet tasting and fresh!!! 
They are open Monday through Saturday @ 860-646-7479, call and say hi to Rachel too!! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Helena's Trip with Dad to BJ's...

Helena makes friends with a BJ's employee.

Time to go home from shopping!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

****Pastrami on Wry: Breakfast & Lunch with a Twist***

Helena, enjoying breakfast with her daddy:)
Pastrami on Wry's location is:

550 East Middle Tpke.
Manchester, Ct 06040
(860) 432-4389

My breakfast recommendation is: Vegetable Breakfast Skillet; includes, two scrambled eggs, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, onions, studded hash, cheddar cheese and choice of toast..Coffee too!!!

My lunch recommendation is: The Original Cuban Sandwich; includes, Black Forest ham, roasted pork loin, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, pickle, spicy mustard on a 6 inch Hoagie yummmy!!!

Pastrami on Wry Restaurant is open daily except for Mondays.

My entire family has been going to see Dr. Steinburgh for many months now..and we have seen great results in his expertise of fixing our bodies with no drugs or chemicals. Try it once, what do you have to lose? Their contact information
Mon Adjusting Hours
9am-12:30 and 3pm-6:30
Tues Adjusting Hours
9am-11:30 and 3pm-6:30
Wed Adjusting Hours
9am-12:30 and 3pm-6:30
Thurs Adjusting Hours
Fri Adjusting Hours
9am-12:30 and 3pm-6:30
Sat Adjusting Hours

New Patients are Accepted Every Day!

Phone: (860) 228-4944

Emergency Hours: 24 hours
Emergency (860) 558-3861

Monday, August 24, 2009

We are searching for a new couch....

Well, it's that time to search for a new leather couch. We first went to Bob's in Manchester, Ct...we were greeted by Gary (salesman)...He wasn't too pushy for my wife, but for me he was. I hope that in the future, sales staff will not be as pushy and sit in their office until I have a question for them. Who really needs a sales guy, when all the information you need is right in front of you?? We saw some nice leather sectionals...and may have fallen in love with a nice beige /back sectional:)
The best thing about Bob's is their "Candy Court" for the kids...well, I'm a kid at young, so, after we were done looking, I made my way over to their Candy Court-miniature golf and fish tank. I checked out their coffee, tons of candy in large glass jars, but I went for their cookies. I then went for their stylish popcorn, that was made a few hours prior. The popcorn tasted just like I was at the movies! I went back a second time ..yum yum! Then my wife discovered that they had jelly beans...I ended up with the black and purple ones, since she doesn't like those!
Off to the next furniture store in Manchester, "Home Mart"...
Some of the "Sectionals" that we are interested in are as follows:

My dad's Polka Band : Johnny Prytko's Good Times Band

Fun was had by all who attended yesterday's Dozynki, in New Britain, Ct. Though the weekend festival was marred by vandals. Organizers quickly cleaned up the area, and was able to open the 2nd day of the festival on time.
The Polish Dozynki, is held yearly in New Britain , Ct.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swimming at our pool today...and had fun!!!

The sights were just wonderful!!!

Central Connecticut Weather Saturday 1:00 P.M.

Sunny, Humid, Cloudy as well....Not a nice day to be outside...We're staying in for the most port with the a/c on!!!

Thanks for Viewing My Weekend Edition

Just got done playing with my daughter on her baby-mat..we usually have laying on her colorful , nylon fabric , but it's being washed now...I love when I give her baby kisses, and she grabs my face with both hands and my hair..It's so amazing, if you've never been in contact with a small baby..Every day she changes, and wants to explore more & more in life...She's discovered her feet, and we think Angels too! She enjoys stairing at the white ceiling above, and so intrigued by something, maybe perhaps on a different vibrational state than what we are living in, and is so amazed by what she 'sees'..


Friday, August 21, 2009

More Dark Clouds on August 21st 2009

Dark Clouds Before The Storm in Manchester, Ct.

-------Mintues after her Nightly Bath------

Every night, my wife and I give our daughter a bath in her little 5 gallon tub on our counter. My job is simple. To hold her up and make sure she doesn't fall back or forwards. My wife gets to use a special organic soap (made from goatsmilk) that does not affect her light skin. In general, her bath takes about 5 minutes, but sometimes it feels much longer than that...
I hope you like the picture of Helena in her towel head pic!!! She's ready for her 9+ hour sleep!!!

Stroller Walking with Dad

I really enjoy taking Helena for walks in the early evening. Usually, within our condo community, I will run into other's walking their baby's as well, or pets. It's nice this time of the summer, because usually by 7:00pm, the air temperature is bearable..and Helena loves the breeze of air passing by her face. I love the walks with her too because it helps me get off the couch/tv...

Bye for now:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Helena...being held by my friend Katherine...

Ocean Beach Park, New London, Ct.