Monday, September 21, 2009

Mondays are boring!!

It's the start of a new week...and though I'm not working in my boring office again..Mondays to me still have a sense of being boring...a new di da!!!
So, in order to pump me up for today and the rest of the week, I found this nice picture and wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy Monday..I'll try...can't promise anything:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I baked cookies!!!!

Yes, after finding a wonderful website online, this site has enabled me to cook dinners, and more importantly bake cookies an easier way then I ever found online:))))
Look below at the awesome "Oatmeal Cookies" that just came out of the 325 degree oven:)) hmmm, with some milk or coffee, they are soooo tasty...My wife agreed!

Our cat Anielcia, walking towards the kitchen to see what's baking:)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Helena & Daddy at The Supermarket..

I guess it's time to go home, poor baby has fallen back to sleep...and dad is tired to of running my daily morning errands! At least Desiree is smiling!!!!
Little does anyone know, I picked up some 'secret ingredients' and I'm going to surprise my wife with something delicious tonight!!! Hee hee hee:)

I Hurt My Back!!

This time I had to visit Dr. Soar , my wonderful chiropractor in Hebron , Ct.  He's a great guy, and the staff is even nicer to my daughter Helena!!!

I guess I should've have lifted that many weights last night at the gym but I wanted to get back into shape! So, I should've started off slowly, my new work out routine..I'll learn!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

DJJohnny Prytko Takes the confusion out of the process.

When a prospect calls me for information regarding my serives, one of the first things I make clear to them is the K.I.S.S. method. My entire belief in the DJ Business, is to keep things simple. It's an old addage, that I once learned from my business professor at Eastern Ct. State University. He once asked anyone heard of KISS..and the class went silent. He went on to say "Keep It Simple Stupid"..
That's how I run my DJ Johnny Prytko service. I keep things as simple as that my client will be able to understand my rates and exactly what they get for my services. If you start confuses a potential client with different packages, rates, hours, different DJ's (which many DJ companies have), smoke & mirrors; the client will end the phone call more confused than before the actual call was made to the DJ company.
So when your boyfriend finally proposes to you, you know who to call for the perfect reception! I'll be the DJ whom you speak to, and the DJ who will actually show up to your event, not somebody who was subcontracted out to DJ for your very important wedding reception. So, K.I.S.S. to you and your family:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My daughter's laundry is more than I can handle...

Who would ever think that a five-month old infant, can produce so much laundry? No, I didn't have the means to take a picture of it, because it was so over-whelming...She produced more laundry, than my wife & I together for 1 week!!! How can that be? Well, I don't have the correct 'baby terminology' but I can say she goes through:
1. Daily outfits
2. bib's
3. socks ( she loves pulling off her socks constantly)
4. blankets
5. covers for her
6. 2nd daily outfit
7. pajama's
8. bed sheet
9. bath towels
10. wash clothes (daily baths)
11. Hat (which I thought was a burp cloth)
12. white burp clothes
Not to mention, my wife is nice enough to spray Shout, on all her mess's...and my own shirts, that she manages to spit up on as well as my shorts..

Who ever said having a baby is easy????? Not from this Dad's point of view!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My wife caught me!!!

Why is it that wifes,girlfriends or significant others, try to take pictues of you when your least expecting it??? It's really funny to them, and as you can see from this pose, I was thankfully in a good mood, just checking my email, website, facebook, twitteer, bloglog,, or something esle online!!! I 'm looking at this picture, and I don't see my coffee mug..hmmm...and omg, no shirt either..I can assure all who are reading this blog, that yes indeed I am wearing some sort of shorts or's rare that I'll leave the shades open on the door. We do have a undescriminating neigbor, who will occasional show up on my back door, I always have to be 'decent' downstairs!
Does anyone else have funny 'snap shot' stories they would like to share with me?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wife in Hostpital

Well, it's been a busy week for the Prytko family. Earlier in the week, we ended up the ER at 1:30 am due to back/frontal pain in my wife's rib area. After spending almost seven hours in the ER, and several tests, it was determined that she had gallstones and that they probably would have to operate on her sooner than later.
Well, less than 48 hours later, she's being operated on as I type this. God Bless her! I'm sure Dr.Rayner, will do a wonderful job and that I will be able to pick up my wife tonight.
Hanna's gallstones were very very painful, and probably worse than what I had a three summers ago when I had my own gall-bladder ripped out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coffee Coffee Cofee.....

So my birthday was on Sept. 1st..and my wife surprised me with a coffee grinder, a coffee tablespoon, and a variety of coffee both beans and grind. I have the normal coffee-drip...and really enjoy my hot cup of coffee 1st thing in the morning, as well as a nice cup after dinner.
One new brand of coffee beans that I received for my birthday is by a company in Conn. called "Bean & Leaf. We found them at the Coventry's Farmers Market. The brand of beans I picked out are for a light type of coffee, from Brazil . They are thoughtful beans, rosted fresh, fairly traded and organic.
The company's website is:   I'll let you know when I grind my Brazilian Beans tonight!!!