Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starbucks with Helena:)

Helena and I decided to check out Starbucks in Manchester, Ct. I decided to try their new Pumpkin Spice Lattee..was delicious along wth a nice sausage breakfast sandwich.
Do we normally go there? No, because I wouldn't spend my hard earn money on that expensive place, but with a simple gift card, I still had a nice ballance on it to try something I normally wouldn't have tried in the grand skeem of things.
Helena smiling with Justin of Starbucks--------------------------

Helena was happy and so was I....
time to move on to our next excursion...
p.s. If you would like to have Helena visit your store, please let us know! We'd be glad to 'stop  by'..

John & Helena

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eye Contact

I have been trying to find out and understand why people don't look at each other when in a public retail store or other setting for that matter.

I have conciously tried to look at people passing me in the grocery store, and most are consumed with texting on their phones, looking at their grocery list or just dazed. The other 1/2 of customers that pass me, sort of glance at me as I try to initiate eye contact with them.

It's a shame in our society, that people believe that having eye contact is more of a negative thing than a positive thing. Our society seems to be living in their on coccoon and not paying attention to their fellow beings.

In closing, the people that do happen to glance at me , as I smile towards them, I find that they are welcome and happy to have created some eye contact wth myself. Maybe it helps that my seven month old daughter is with me as we go about our daily errands.

Just my thoughts....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Y really "World Class"????

Big Y is a medium sized supermarket chain that covers the northeast region of Southern New England. Today, there are aproximately 28 supermarkets throughout Massachusetts & Connecticut as well as one Liquor Division located in Springfield, Massachusetts (headquarters for the company).

Now that you have a brief description of this grocery store, I have a problem with their marketing campaign. They continiously call themselves a "World Class Market" and boasting that they have "World Class Employees" as you walk through their doors.
As you can see from the pictures :
Helena & I entering Big Y in Manchester, Ct.

Helena admiring the bright shiny lights at Big Y!!!

Anyways, it's nice to see company's these days push it to the next level, but I just don't feel any differently walking through their supermarket, as I would at Stop n Shop, Price Chopper or Shop Rite. To me, they all have "okay" customer service..and weekly, you must hunt for the best prices.
This past summer, Big Y had a buy 1 get 2 free on their "fresh strawberries"...My wife was showing them to me and I noticed that one of their containers of strawberries blatantly were bad..They had white mold growing all over the bottom of the container, and I was totally disgusted by this. The manager didn't say much, but I told her that the Produce Dept. Mgr. should inspect each container of strawberries before putting them out onto the floor!!!!! I didn't get much of an answer back from her.

Does anyone have any other horror stories at supermarkets???

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Best Italian Restaurant in Manchester, Ct.."ROCCOS"

Well, what do you get when you have a savvy business owner (Erica) along with a passion for creating great Italian Food? A delicous lunch!!!
This was Helena's 1st time meeting Erica (Manager of Rocco's), link http://www.eatatroccos.com/about-us.html  . We had a wonderful time with my wife Hania and myself..Service was great, and hospitality was excellent!
I didn't go the Italian route today, because I was in the mood for a "Build Your Own Salad in 1 Day"..Calarmari as my topping..hmmmm..how awesome!!! To start things off, I ordered a cup of their famous chili----nice and leaved my mouth with wanting more!!

Call today for their menu and directions on Center Street, Manchester, Ct. 860-645-7777.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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