Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain , An Emotional Status

Does the weather affect your mood? We are going into our fourth straight day of rain and I can tell you first hand, that I do not enjoy the rain, unless I am inside looking out (almost like our cat)!!
Traveling in rain, you must be careful of ponding on the highways, and must leave that extra car length in front of you.
Getting back to mood vs. rain, I totally agree that the weather affects your emotional status. With rain, almost and mostly comes wind. With blowing wind and rain, most people are rushing from their cars to their favorite retail stores, not paying attention to anything but trying not to get wet! Do you think once they are in the store, that they feel better? I know I do and at the end of my shopping trip, I peek out through the stores windows, to see if the rain has 'let up'. If it hasn't, time to put on your hat, take out the clumsy umbrella, and try to tiptoe around the puddles of water as you are desperately trying to locate your vehicle, with your other available hand holding onto your bag of items which you just bought!
While driving in the rain on a major highway, people seem to drive just as fast and not pay attention to the weather conditions. At least (in the year 2010) folks are aware to turn on their headlights; a law in most states, if you have to use your windshield wipers. People are in a trance when they drive and are only focused on trying to get to their very important destination. For most of us, it is HOME!
Emotionally, peoples brain waves are in a alpha state, just staying focused on the task on hand driving, but I truly believe that deep down, rain plays a negative role in today's world. For some reason, it makes me feel down and out , not happy, not in control, not knowing when the sun will appear and causes secondary effects on your physical body including headaches and strained muscles.
Rain, does play a huge emotional role to our bodies.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deep Meditation-Seeing The Light-Subconsciousness-Mutual Dreaming-Lucid Dreaming-

Are you successful in your daily meditations? I've been meditating almost daily, for a few years now, and have not experienced what some call "total bliss" during my meditations.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I just continue on my daily meditations? I am able to clear my mind, sit peacefully and not move for a good period of time. Focusing on my "mantra" helps keep my inner mind focused and not wandering. So with this being said, what am I doing wrong? I have books on meditation, and occasionally I go back to the books and pick out a chapter for a nice informative read.

If you have any response or answers to my questions, feel free to post them-