Saturday, September 5, 2009

My wife caught me!!!

Why is it that wifes,girlfriends or significant others, try to take pictues of you when your least expecting it??? It's really funny to them, and as you can see from this pose, I was thankfully in a good mood, just checking my email, website, facebook, twitteer, bloglog,, or something esle online!!! I 'm looking at this picture, and I don't see my coffee mug..hmmm...and omg, no shirt either..I can assure all who are reading this blog, that yes indeed I am wearing some sort of shorts or's rare that I'll leave the shades open on the door. We do have a undescriminating neigbor, who will occasional show up on my back door, I always have to be 'decent' downstairs!
Does anyone else have funny 'snap shot' stories they would like to share with me?

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