Thursday, September 10, 2009

DJJohnny Prytko Takes the confusion out of the process.

When a prospect calls me for information regarding my serives, one of the first things I make clear to them is the K.I.S.S. method. My entire belief in the DJ Business, is to keep things simple. It's an old addage, that I once learned from my business professor at Eastern Ct. State University. He once asked anyone heard of KISS..and the class went silent. He went on to say "Keep It Simple Stupid"..
That's how I run my DJ Johnny Prytko service. I keep things as simple as that my client will be able to understand my rates and exactly what they get for my services. If you start confuses a potential client with different packages, rates, hours, different DJ's (which many DJ companies have), smoke & mirrors; the client will end the phone call more confused than before the actual call was made to the DJ company.
So when your boyfriend finally proposes to you, you know who to call for the perfect reception! I'll be the DJ whom you speak to, and the DJ who will actually show up to your event, not somebody who was subcontracted out to DJ for your very important wedding reception. So, K.I.S.S. to you and your family:)

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