Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eye Contact

I have been trying to find out and understand why people don't look at each other when in a public retail store or other setting for that matter.

I have conciously tried to look at people passing me in the grocery store, and most are consumed with texting on their phones, looking at their grocery list or just dazed. The other 1/2 of customers that pass me, sort of glance at me as I try to initiate eye contact with them.

It's a shame in our society, that people believe that having eye contact is more of a negative thing than a positive thing. Our society seems to be living in their on coccoon and not paying attention to their fellow beings.

In closing, the people that do happen to glance at me , as I smile towards them, I find that they are welcome and happy to have created some eye contact wth myself. Maybe it helps that my seven month old daughter is with me as we go about our daily errands.

Just my thoughts....

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